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Parks And Recreation

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Trisha Twomey - Director
Eileen Rubino - Administrative Assistant
Fax: 860-675-5038

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Creating Community Through People, Parks, And Programs

The Burlington Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to providing wholesome recreation opportunities to all members of our community.  Through programs and facilities, we hope to promote a sense of community, family, personal growth, physical fitness, and enjoyment. Please click on the link below to visit our new website.  www.myburlingtonrec.com If you would like to get your family involved in any of the following programs browse the web sites below or e-mail the contact person with any questions. Our office has the latest information and registration forms available. Following are parks and recreation facilities and their locations:
  • Foote Road Recreation Complex (located on Foote Road)
  • Malerbo Recreation Complex (located at the corner of George Washington Turnpike and Monce Road) New signs pictures
  • Municipal Tennis Courts (located in the Town Hall Complex)
  • Nassahegan Recreation Complex (located at 222 Punch Brook Road)
Not seeing information you need?  Contact us anytime! The Burlington Parks & Recreation Commission meets monthly on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM.   Solicitation Policy Solicitation is not permitted on or at any Parks or Recreation property or facility except for operations at the Malerbo Concession Stand conducted by and for the benefit of the entity or group authorized by the Burlington Parks and Recreation Commission to operate the Malerbo Concession Stand.  

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Burlington Town Hall
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Burlington, CT 06013

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